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What if I don’t like your design ideas?

We are interior designers. We have the experience to understand your preferences and discover your hidden flair for design by asking you a great number of questions. If we don’t happen to come up with a result that you want (it hasn’t really occurred in the past 15 years) we will change the original concept and you will surely like the second one.

I haven’t found a design I’d like to have in your portfolio

That’s no problem at all! The portfolio reflects our design concepts which are always in accordance with the style and personal taste of our customers. We can assure you that we deliver the most desirable design solutions that satisfy your needs. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to see how we think.

Can you help me with the implementation?

Yes, we can. We have many different general subcontractors that we work with and we can help you get in touch with them.

How much do you charge your customers?

Give us an overview of the scope of the job, let us know what you want exactly and how much you can afford so that we can meet your budget. We are open minded to your ideas. If you want IKEA furniture in your home, we don’t mind. People may feel the pinch when incurring cost on the professional fee. However, just imagine how much more you can lose in terms of money and time if you make the wrong commitments due to inexperience or choosing amateurs.
Give us a call, tell us what you want and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

What other services do you offer?

Lighting design, colour consultancy, custom design furniture

Profit boosting design ideas for shops, restaurants and cafés

Improving work efficiency of offices by using design incentives

Basic design package for start-up companies

How much does the initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation just like our usual hourly rate is HUF 15000.

How long does the initial consultation take? What is this time enough for?

It takes about an hour. During this session you can decide what you need, what the initial steps will be and whether we are the right team for you to work with. If we don’t share common ground about design ideas, we can help you find other interior designers you might be happier with.

What should I bring to the initial consultation?

We will need to look at the layout, some photos of the flat, its interiors and anything that you like or dislike about it (try to pick some of your most and least favourite room elements).

When do I need design professionals?

- When you want to remodel your living space
- When it’s important to you to keep within your budget
- When you want to save time
- When you don’t exactly know what styles you prefer or want to follow
- When you are lost in floor plans and building specifications
- If your home elements don’t seem to be in harmony
- When you have a design concept, but you’d like to ask for a second opinion from a professional
- When you think that you need our help and experience
- When you are contemplating buying an apartment or a house, but you don’t see its potential for your future home
- When you need creative and unique ideas
- If you think details matter

Why choose us?

- Because for us YOU are more important than the project or anything else
- We believe in timeless design and your style preferences and don’t follow passing trends and fads
- We have the know-how and professional interior design experience of 15 years
- We are crazy about design: there’s no design we haven’t heard of
- We get really excited and enthusiastic about the project
- We are kind and easy to get on well with 
- We always answer the phone. If we can’t, we always return your call.
- We are quite cosmopolitan, and don’t hesitate to use this “asset”

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